About Hikma Ventures

Founded in August 2015, Hikma Ventures operates as the corporate venture capital arm of Hikma Pharmaceuticals.

  • We invest in meaningful companies, with a diverse leadership team, that can make a real difference in the world and for Hikma.
  • Our investment mandate is quite broad, and we will invest in companies where we believe there is a true strategic advantage both for Hikma and our portfolio companies.
  • Some of our main focus areas are: Drug Delivery, Digital Therapeutics, Clinical Trial Innovation, Respiratory, CNS, Oncology and certain Autoimmune and Chronic Diseases such as Type II Diabetes and hypertension and areas that can help address overdose and abuse. 
  • We aim to be a true partner for our portfolio companies and will work actively to make them successful by leveraging HV and Hikma as a global generics pharmaceutical company.
  • While we are investment stage-agnostic, we have a preference for Series A and beyond and we are happy to lead or co-lead.
  • We take a long-term perspective towards our portfolio companies.
  • Our investment ticket size is up to $10 million per company.